Sales of retail properties can be very attractive to investors for a number of reasons. Firstly, retail properties tend to be located in high-traffic areas, which can mean greater foot traffic and exposure for businesses. This can lead to increased sales and higher rental income potential. Secondly, retail properties often come with a built-in customer base, which can provide a steadier stream of income than other types of investments. Finally, retail property investors may also benefit from other incentives that are available to this type of investment.

Diverse retail properties

The diversity of the retail sector results in just as many differences in the requirements of the associated real estate. In addition to the size, the location, the logistical connection, whether storage facilities are available, and the type of building play primary roles in the search for the right property.

By defining the requirements and complying with them, the perfect sales area for selected goods is created.

Precise supply instead of imprecise abundance

Due to different requirements in the retail sector, it is a difficult task to find the tailor-made property in the abundance of the market. Regardless of whether this is to serve as the cornerstone of your business or represent an investment with a secure future.

In order not to let you drown in the flood of commercial properties, we as House & Home Real Estate GmbH have specialized in making our clients a tailor-made offer and always proceed absolutely discreetly. For these so-called off market properties we are your right partner.

Retail properties according to your needs

When you’re ready to sell your retail property, an experienced estate agent like House & Home Real Estate GmbH can help you through the process. We are able to provide advice on pricing, marketing your property, and negotiating with buyers. And, we will also have a good understanding of the local market, which can be helpful in getting the best sale price for your property.

Together with you, we will draw up a requirements profile and then submit suitable offers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other parts of Europe. We look forward to hearing from you.