At the core of many companies are offices where employees work together, confer and develop strategies. In most cases, offices are the drivers of companies, where orders are accepted, processed and managed. Due to growing digitalisation on a global scale, the job world is visibly changing towards the desk. This trend makes an investment in office real estate not only useful, but also future-proof.

Versatility of office properties

What happens in office properties is as individual as it is universal. Decisions are made, meetings are held, contracts are signed and new visions are developed. In the conglomerate, an office is one of Germany’s economic drivers, administration, creative head and much more.

During the Covid19 period, office buildings have also re-emerged and crystallised their social status. All too often, employees are free to choose whether to work in a home office or in presence. Many choose to go to the office as a way of counteracting social isolation.

For numerous companies of all sizes and in all sectors, desk jobs are indispensable. Yet these commercial properties differ just as much as their requirements.

Whether in art nouveau houses, on the ground floor of an old building, in multi-storey city-integrated houses, large building complexes in commercial areas or in modern high-rise buildings. There are no limits to the shape, size and location as well as the age and appearance of the office buildings and ensure versatile offers in the office property segment.

Precise offers instead of imprecise abundance

Due to the individuality of office space, but also of the requirements for just such space, we as House & Home Real Estate GmbH would rather provide our clients with precise offers according to their wishes than let them drown in the abundance of the market.

This is another reason why we have specialised in off market real estate, to be as precise as we are discreet. Our well-functioning international network is the key to success for buyers and investors.

Office properties according to your needs

It makes no difference to us whether you are an entrepreneur with your own requirements for office property or an investor looking for a future-oriented and secure investment. Our goal is that you are satisfied in the end.

Whether as a discrete property for the future or as a growth factor for your company. Together with you we will find the right property in the D-A-CH area and other parts of Europe. We look forward to receiving your enquiry via our contact form and will respond within 24 hours.